We are halfway into the semester! I can’t believe it!

Besides being incredibly busy I have the opportunity to experience some great things so far this semester.  I attended the Unity Conference which I incredibly enjoyed. The keynote speaker, Dr. Antonia Darder, was very inspiring and powerful. The workshops were very diverse and informational, most were given by outstanding NIU faculty.

There are many organizations which I involve myself with. The University Honors Peer Mentor Program is just one of them. Through this organization I have had the opportunity to assist new freshmen in the Honors Program and NIU. When I was a freshmen this program had just begun and I really benefited from my mentor, Laura Fenwick. She helped me out when ever I had questions or concerns and was available to assist me in any way she could. I wanted to be able to do that and so I have continued to be in the program.

I’m really looking forward to the Latin Film Festival in the spring semester put on by the Latino Resource Center. The films they show are always educational. They range from documentaries to dramas. This is a great engaged learning opportunity  because the topics. themes, and stories that are shown are those we don’t see very often in the media. The screening are usually followed by a discussion aspect where dialogue is begun. Sometimes we have one of the filmmakers talk or we may Skype with the director. Overall this is a great experience and I can’t wait to see which films will screen next semester!

The opportunities I have had help me become a well rounded person. Being a mentor allows me to share my experiences and knowledge. It helps polish my communication skills as well as gives me an opportunity to help out a fellow NIU student. The Film Festival feeds my love of film and culture, It gives me the opportunity to see a film with people with similar interest and provides an opportunity to begin dialogue.

I hope you guys are having a good semester and enjoying the fall colors! I just painted pumpkins the other day, take a look!


Juan Molina


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