A new semester and reasons why I<3NIU!

I kinda slacked of with the posts towards the end of the fall semester. Things became extremely busy. But it’s a new semester and a new start. This semester I’m taking some very exciting courses. ARTD 468: Problems in Photography with the topic on Documentary and a focus on professional development, ARTD 469 Advance Photographic Media, ARTH Studies in Design with the topic being Fashion History, ARTH 380 Pre-Colombin Art, and ARTS 362 Intermediate Sculpture. Each semester is exciting and a bit nerve wrecking. Trying to adjust to  new schedule, new courses, and new challenges and opportunities. 

February is here so I wanted to take a moment to talk about why I Heart NIU. I heart NIU because the people that I have met and those relationships that I have developed with them have helped mold me into the person I am. I heart NIU because it has challenged me in every step of the way. I heart NIU because I met my closest of friends here. Because it gave me a photo department with a great photo “family”. Because it was here that I have experienced the most growth intellectually, personally, and artistically. Because it gave me the opportunity join many organizations such as NLA which have made me a better leader and have given me ability to improve my confidence and my public speaking skills. I heart NIU because at the end of the day it’s the place I call home for most of the year. I heart NIU because of the School of Art, The Latino Resource Center, the library filled with knowledge, the darkroom, the photo lab. The photo department, the friends, the memories, the experiences, the journey……


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